Before sending an availability request, we strongly recommend you to read: 4 Things to Know before Sending your Availability.

If you are on the mobile app and not the website, click here

A) Sending my availability

  1. Click on "My availability" (Pink arrow)
  2. Click the green "Add availability" button (Blue arrow)

C) Start and End Dates

  • Starts on : This is the date on which your availability will be effective.
  • Ends on : Availabilities never end. They repeat themselves automatically. However, if you provide multiple availabilities requests with future start dates, the new one will take over once the future date is reached.

D) Detail

  • Desired number of hours per week: Minimum and maximum number of hours per week you wish to work.

E) Availability, Unavailability and Preferences

  • Available (Blue box): A timeframe left blank will be seen as available
  • Unavailable (Pink box): Hours you indicate as "Unavailable"
  • Preferred (green box): Hours during which you wish to work the most

On a given day, you can enter several indicators (Green box)

F) Approval necessary

Your availability hours must be approved by your manager. Once they will be, you will receive a instant notification

G) Pending approval

You can see the status of your request in the "My availability" menu. It may be Active, Upcoming, Pending approval and Declined or Canceled

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