You can send send your availability to your manager both with the Agendrix mobile app and on our website.

4 Things to Know Before Sending Your Availability

1. By default, Agendrix assumes that you are always available to work

The availability feature allows you to indicate the weekly time periods during which you are unavailable to work and those during which you prefer working. If you do not send an availability request, Agendrix will simply assume and inform your manager that you are always available to work.

2. You cannot set an end date for your availability

Availability periods begin at the start date you specify and are repeated every week until you submit a new availability request. This is because new availability requests use the start date you specify to know when to override older availability requests.

3. If your availability changes every week or is otherwise irregular

Consider the following examples:

  • You are not available every other weekend;
  • You have another job and your availability changes every week;
  • Etc.

In such cases, you have to submit several availability requests at once, each with their own distinct start dates. These requests will not override one another, and will instead show up consecutively.

4. If you are not available on a specific date

If you are not available on a specific date, submitting a punctual time off request is much easier than changing your availability. To learn how to submit a time off request, refer to this article.

Sending My Availability Request

Here are two articles on submitting availability requests:

a) For the mobile app, refer to this article.
b) For the website, refer to this article.

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