Before sending an availability request, we strongly recommend you to read: 4 Things to Know before Sending your Availability.

If you are on the website and not the mobile app, click here.

A) Creating a New Availability Request

  1. Go in the "Overview" menu
  2. Scroll down
  3. Click on "Change my availability" (Orange box)
  4. Click on the "+" sign (Blue arrow)

B) General informations

  • Start on: Choose the start week of this availability request

Reminder: There are no end dates to an availability list (see point #2). It will repeat every week automatically.

  • Minimum: Minimum number of hours per week you prefer to work
  • Maximum: Maximum number of hours per week you prefer to work

C) Indicate Preferences and Unavailability

By default, you are always available in Agendrix. (Blue box) Providing a list of availability allows you to add time frames where you are:

  • Unavailable
  • Prefer to work

All days that are left out of your list will be marked as available.

  1. If you are unavailable or have a preference you can add one or multiple indicators
  2. Select Unavailable or Preference
  3. Select the hours 
  4. Save

Ps: you can have more than one indicator per day


In the example below, the employee would be considered as follows:

  • Sunday: Unavailable
  • Monday: Preferred from 6a to 5p but unavailable from 5p to 11p
  • Tuesday: Prefers to work on Tuesdays (all day)
  • Wednesday: Blank, thus available
  • Thursday: Blank, thus available

D) Approval of Availability

Availability requests must be approved by a manager. Once a manager approves it, you will receive an instant notification. You can consult the status of your request in the "More" menu ➡️ "Availability"

E) Modifying Current Availability

Instead of starting all over you can correct or edit your current availability list. 

  • Go in the "More" menu  
  • "Availability"
  • Click on the top right corner icon to edit
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