Agendrix allows managers to be alerted regarding certain events triggered by their employees. Wether it is because of a new time-off request or a new availability submission, managers can edit where and which notifications they receive. 

They can manage this from "My notifications" in their profile on our web application.

How you can receive a manager alert

Currently managers can receive a notification by:

Currently managers cannot receive notifications on our mobile app Agendrix for employees

Manager Alert Settings

All the notifications you may receive concerning your employees are available on the top left corner of your screen when you are in the "My notifications" tab. You can be notified when:

  • A new time off request is created
  • A new availability list is submitted
  • A new shift transfer (swap or replacement) requires your approval
  • An employee applies on an open shift
  • A new comment or communication is posted
  • A schedule is unpublished (we'll remind you if your upcoming week's shifts are still unpublished!)
  • Time Clock Alerts (when employees forget to clock in or out)

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