The list of all employees created in your organization is available in in "Employees" menu. This list contains three distinct tabs.

  1. All: List of all employees who may be scheduled or use the Timeclock 
  2. Invitations: Allows you to invite all employees not connected to Agendrix yet
  3. Archived: List of all employees archived from your organization

A) Bulk Action

You can apply changes to selected employees or en masse at once. You need to:

  • Check the box left of the employees you wish to change (orange rectangle)
  • Click on "Bulk action" (orange arrow)

A drop down menu will show and allow you to perform different actions:

  • Change Positions
  • Change Locations
  • Update Hourly rates
  • Update Time and Attendance Settings
  • Update Coworkers Settings (ability to see the full schedule)

B) Search Bar and Filters

You can use the search bar to cater the list according to specific data like:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Etc.

You can scope the list more specifically to:

  • Location (Blue square)
  • Roles (Orange square)

C) Employee Order and Displayed Information


The order of the list can be changed (Orange rectangle) from the default First Name to

  • Last Name
  • Seniority

Displayed Information

The displayed info on the far right (Teal rectangle) can be changed from the default email to:

  • Employee Number
  • Phone Number
  • Time and Attendance PIN
  • Seniority
  • Invitation Code

D) Exporting the List of Employees

You can easily export the list of all your employees (including archived ones) into an excel format using the "Cog" icon on the top right.

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