Agendrix offers you the possibility to view the schedule on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. By default, you will be in week view.

A) Changing View

Above the calendar you can switch from your current view to a different one. Simply click on the dropdown menu.

B) Daily View

The daily view has its advantages such as:

  • Shifts are shown horizontally rather than vertically (Blue arrow)
  • See availability of each employee more precisely (Orange arrow)
  • How many employees are working at each hour of the day (Orange rectangle)

C) Month View

The monthly view allows to:

  • See Time off requests more easily (Pink arrow)
  • See the name of the employees on the shift instead of the position (Orange square)
  • A better overlook of the full schedule

To easily navigate in the Month view, the current date is highlighted in yellow. (Green arrow)

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