You can display hourly rates of your employee directly in the planner and immediately see the impact on your expected wages for any given week. You can also manage your hours budget per week.

Note that employees do not see the hourly rates of other employees.

A) Display Hourly Rates and Budget

  • Go to the Other options section under the filters
  • Click "Show budget"
  • A new calculator will show at the bottom of the screen
  • A new calculator will show at the bottom of the screen

B) Set Hourly Rates

When projections are displayed, you can enter the hourly rates of your employees directly in the schedule. You can also set rates per positions (enabled in the employee profile).

C) Validating Budgets

You can toggle the labor tool with the "Cash" (projected revenues) & "clock" (projected hours) icons at the bottom left.

1) Revenues projections

  1. Determine a % objective for your site (% of wages / revenues)
  2. Enter the projected revenues for each day (Orange rectangle)
  3. The % and a green/red color code will show at the bottom of each day to show when you are below or above the target

2) Budgeted Hours

  1. Enter the hours budgeted for each day
  2. The total planned hours per day will show below with a green/red color code to indicate when you are above or below the target

3) Total for the Week

The week total both for hours and labor cost is shown at the far right of the week.

D) Projections per Position

It is also possible to bring up projections per positions. To do so you have to click on Manage budget under the "More" button.

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