Time and Attendance


  • New setting ”Use the shift’s scheduled end time when employees clock later than planned”.
  • New setting ”This employee does not need to clock in or out (scheduled hours will automatically be used)”. This setting can be activated directly in the employee’s profile under the Time and Attendance tab. 

This is especially useful for managers and salaried employees.

  • New setting ”Automatically approve time entries within acceptable variance from scheduled time”. You simply have to choose an acceptable variance (i.e. +/- 2 minutes) and the job is done. 

Example: we set an acceptable variance of 2 minutes. For a shift planned from 10am to 7pm, if the employee clocks in at 9:58am and out at 7:02pm the time entry will be automatically approved. If the employee clocks in before that (9:57am -) or after (7:03pm +), manual approval will be required.


  • New comprehensive Time Entries report:

Export in a spreadsheet all the time entries of your employees for a given period of time.


When you create an employee in Lightspeed, he will be created in Agendrix subsequently if you have activated the integration

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