Availabilities 2.0 🙋‍♀️

The newly revamped availabilities module is here at last 😉! Among other things, the main improvements will allow you to:

  • Change the recurrence frequency (every week, two weeks, never, etc.) 🔃.
  • Use the calendar view to easily pick a date 📅.
  • Add an end date to availabilities.
  • Make one-off changes for specific dates.

Here's a full article on this topic for your employees.

QuickBooks Integration 📊

Agendrix now integrates with QuickBooks to automatically synchronize:

  1. Your employees
  2. Your customers (resources)
  3. Your timesheets
  4. Your billable hours (to customers)

Here's the procedure to set up the integration.

Public Holidays Calculation

  • Public holiday hours can now be calculated for a single time off/employee,  without having to use the bulk feature.
  • Simply create a time off, then check the "Automatic" option for the hours calculation.

Recurring Time Off 🔃

Time off can now be set to repeat automatically, similarly to shifts.

Messenger 💬

  • Multi-location organization administrators can now enable cross-location communications in Messenger.
  • To enable this option, check the relevant box in "Settings".

Facial Recognition 👨🏼

  • The Time Clock Kiosk application (iOS / Android) can now analyze your employee's photos when they clock in (if enabled) to verify their identity.
  • A filter has been added to this effect when approving time entries.

Here's an article on this topic.

News Feed 📢

  • You can now paste web URLs directly into news feed.
  • Employees will be able to click these links to quickly access their content.
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