Pricing System 🔍

Agendrix is a monthly billed software (SaaS) without any contract. We offer two general plans as well as optional add-ons. Modules are explained below.

You can find our full pricing here.

Note : Our plans offer full support to all managers and employees as well as         implementation and training.

Agendrix Plans 🗂

These plans are billed monthly on your usage. You have 37 employees? You pay for 37. There are no pre-made packages. Add and archive employees as you go. 

Every account also has a two week free trial to test it out!

Base Plan

The Base plan includes all scheduling functionalities, connecting employees to the platform, time-off and availability management as well as communication channels

  • Canada: $2/user/month
  • Euro zone: € 1.5 /user/month
  • US & International : $USD 1.5/user/month

The currency relies on your billing country

Pro Plan

The Pro plan includes everything the Base Plan as well as Time clock through the mobile app, time sheets with payroll exportation and attendance alerts.

  • Canada: $4 /user/month
  • Euro zone: €3 /user/month
  • US & International : $US 3/user/month

Enterprise Plan 

Our Premium plan gives access to our API as well as possible custom features. The monthly fee is more expensive and this Plan is exclusively available for companies with hundreds of employees.

Read this article and/or contact our sales team for more information. It comes at an additional cost.

Add-on modules


Resources work like tags in the scheduler and the time sheets. They are useful to create job sites, customers and tangible assets that you want to attribute to employees shifts. 

Pricing: Contact sales


Create automated or spontaneous premiums for your shifts/time entries and integrate them with some of our payroll systems!

Pricing: An additional $1/user/month to your Plan

Phone Call Clock

Let your employee clock by calling a specific number and entering an identifier. No Internet or smartphone required. You can restrict the ability to clock it to certain incoming numbers.

Pricing: An additional $1/user/month to your Plan

This feature is only available in North America at the current time

Want more information?

If you want more info about these plans or would simply want a personalized demo where we can evaluate your needs, click below to book a demo with one of our experts!

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