When you publish a schedule employees receive an instant notification from Agendrix either through an email, SMS, Push notification or Facebook. When an employee consults his schedule, we add an eye 👁 inside the shift to confirm it has been seen.

A) Eyes in the Shifts

Eyes will show you that the shift has been seen. Placing your mouse over the eye will tell you at what date and time it has been seen.

If you publish a change to that shift, the eye will disappear and reappear once the employee sees the change.

B) Read confirmation

Administrator's can enable a read confirmation in the "Settings" menu ️ "Employee scheduling" tab. When employees sign-in, they will be prompted to confirm reading their schedule. If they confirm, the eye 👁 will morph into a checkmark ️ inside the shift.

It is not mandatory to confirm reading the shifts, even when the option is enabled. Employees cannot decline a shift.

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