A) Why create Time Off in the timesheet?

  • Time Off entered in the Agendix schedule are shown on starting and leaving times in the timesheet and on the day of Time Off only. As such, a Time Off that was not added by mistake will have to be added manually to the timesheet.

B) Creating or modifying a Time Off

  1. Begin by selecting the appropriate pay period for which you wish to add a Time Off

  2. Click under “In” or “Out” in the line corresponding to the date for which you need to create a Time Off

  • Select the “Time Off” circle (see blue arrow)

  • Under “Time Off type“, select the most appropriate Time Off type for the situation (see pink arrow)

  • Choose if the time off is paid or not

  • Enter a “Length in hours” depending on the number of hours that should be allocated to the Time Off (see pink box).

  • To add details to this Time Off, “Supervisor’s notes” can be added

  • Once all Time Off details have been filled out, click on the green “Save” button.

  • Once saved, the results will be displayed as follows

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