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How to Bookmark Agendrix

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A) How do I bookmark Agendrix on Google Chrome?

Click on the "star" icon to the right of the search bar (see pink arrow).

You'll be able to rename the bookmark as you wish and click "Ok" to complete the registration.

Note: We strongly recommend that you create the shortcut on the current week. If you create it in a past or future week, you'll always come across that week. If you create your shortcut in the current week, your shortcut will always take you to the current week.

B) How do I activate the Favorites bar on Google Chrome?

Click on the "3 dots one on top of the other" button at the top right of the browser to open the drop-down menu.

Place your cursor on the "Favorites" line to open a second menu.

Then click on "Show favorites bar".

The favorites bar will be displayed just below the search bar.

You can now click on the favorite you've just created for one-click access to Agendrix! 👌

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