Like with anything in life, mistakes happen. Same thing applies to clock times. Whenever they happen it will be necessary to modify them, here's how to do so.

A) Find the time entry

  • Go to the "Time and attendance" menu 

  • Select the pay period 

  • Click on the employee name

  • Go to the lower part of the page to see the detail of the employees pay period.

You can create a time entry from scratch by clicking in an empty spot where the time entry would be.

B) How to modify

  • Click on the desired time entry in the "Clocked hours" column 

See the following example on the October 28th where Edith forgot to clock out.

  • When in the time entry, you can use the scheduled start and end (Pink box) or

  • Enter manually the time (green box)

  • Save / Approve

Extra tip : Under the tab "Logs" of each time entry you can follow every modification !

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