Bulk Time Off Creation

You can know create time offs for all of your employees at once. This comes in very handy when scheduling for a Public Holiday. More details in this article.

Public Holiday Pay Calculation

With the bulk time off creation feature we have added a way for you to calculate the entitled holiday pay.

This feature is reserved to Pro plan users as it requires the Time and Attendance module.

Here is the detailed procedure.

Public Schedule

How to share the full schedule in a "view only" mode

Admins can now create an URL link that can be shared in a way to allow external people to consult the schedule in a view only mode. Here are steps to create the URLs.

2 - Outcome

Employee Order

Employee order can be rearranged to follow employee numbers (in their profile) adding to alphabetical and seniority as options. This option is available in the scheduler, reports and payroll export.

Labor Cost by Position

The labor cost tool has been scoped to locations in the past. There is now a new layer allowing for a better projection of labor cost by position. Go in the "more" button and then in "Manage all projections".

Hide Support Icon

You can hide the chat icon if it is hindering your view of the schedule and labor cost tool.

You can now print the notes left in the file of your employees in a convenient way.

Supervisors changes

Supervisors' time off requests must now be approved by a manager or higher. Supervisors can't approve their own requests anymore.


This wraps up the change log for this update. Let us know if you have any question! 😄

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