Preview before publishing

From now on when you Publish, there will be a preview of all changes to make sure everything is looking good before sending out the schedule! You will see :

  • New shifts
  • Modifications
  • Suppressions

Note : If you publish, you will not be able to revert changes.

Agendrix Operator 🤖

The operator is found on the top right next to the help button.

He will give you notice of success, progress or failure of recurrences, mass actions and edits as well as bulk time offs.

New name

The Show Projections button to manage labor cost is now called Show Budget. See this article on how to use it.

UI changes

These elements have changed :

  • The Print button is now accessible on the left side of the More button.
  • The Shortcuts are now under the Help button.
  • The Budget is under Other options.
  • Add an employee was removed from lack of usage.

Auto-Clocking shifts

We added the auto-clock checkbox in the bottom left part of the shift creation window.

Auto-clocking can be used in a variety of ways. An example would be by scheduling a training when your employee does not need to clock!

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