It's possible to activate the Main Location setting in your account if:

  • You have multiple locations
  • Your employees receive one pay even though they work at different locations

A) How to activate

  1. Go under the employee's profile in the tab Time and Attendance
  2. Activate the inter-company reconciliation

B) Assign the main location to employees

  1. By default, the primary location will be the first assigned location (when initially created)
  2. You can always change it under Roles and Positions in the employee Settings

C) Export payroll per location

  1. Under the export payroll button uncheck All locations

For our Jean Coutu users that use SAGE, it is not necessary to uncheck All locations. The hours will be automatically separated when you transfer hours into SAGE.

D) Recosiliate the inter-company accounting entries

  1. Export payroll with all locations
  2. Go under the Reconciliation tab
  3. You will now be able to visualise the detail per location


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