Transferring recurring shifts 

Recurring shifts are probably the most used feature of the scheduler. You can now transfer or copy a recurrence from an employee to another to speed things up.

Breaks tooltips ⏸

The break icons will now display a tooltip indicating the start time of each break.

Productivity Budget

Up until now, the budget feature in the scheduler allowed you to display:

  1. Labor cost
  2. Budgeted hours

We are adding a third mode, the Productivity Ratio 📊

How it works:

  1. Indicate a projected unit output in the top line (for example, 100 customers served on Monday)
  2. Agendrix will divide this quantity by the number of planned work hours
  3. The result will be a ratio (for example, 10 customers served per worked hour)
  4. You can set a ratio objective on the bottom left against which you will be evaluated

To activate the feature, an administrator must go in the "Settings" menu ➡️ "Employee scheduling" tab.


Requests (time-offs, availabilities, shift swaps, open shifts) are numbered are you can now order them by date of creation.

Les demandes (congés, dispos, remplacements, quarts à combler) sont numérotées et vous pouvez désormais les ordonner par date de création.

News Feed

Precise hour to send a new thread 🕘

You can define a specific time at which your thread will now be sent

Change log📝

Each thread now contains a log of all the changes brought to it (recipients, settings etc.). This log is accessible through the "..." on the top right of the thread for administrators and admins.

Reports 📈

Save your favorite reports  ⏱

You can now save you reports settings to access them faster at a later time.

Automated reports 🔁

Using the "Favorite Reports" function allows you to set a frequency at which these reports will be sent automatically to your email. Simply follow these 3 steps:

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