Shift Premiums

Our New Module allows you to automate much of the work related to Shift Premiums in your organization. Here are a few examples:

  1. Time-based: 4pm to 12am, 10pm to 6am (overnight, etc.);
  2. Day-of-the-week-based: Saturdays, Sundays (weekends);
  3. Position-based: Given to all managers, team leads, etc.;
  4. Employee-based: Sandra is paid a premium automatically on all her shifts due to her employment contract.

Some of our payroll integrations, such as Employer D and Nethris, are already compatible with our premiums add-on.

Mass Import

If you have waves of employees coming in, we understand the hardship of entering them one by one (we are looking at you seasonal companies 👀).

We now have a tool allowing to import spreadsheets containing your employee list.

Here is an article on how to use it.

New Web App Colors

You might have noticed our new branding via our web site and mobile app. It has now been implemented in our web app.

It is important to note that only colors have been changed. All functions and menus remain at the same position.

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