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Surveys and anonymity

How does anonymity work and the rules behind it

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Anonymous or not?

On creation, each survey is defined as anonymous or not. It's up to the creator of the survey to choose this option.

In all cases, the survey results are available to concerned managers as well as administrators in the account.

How do we preserve anonymity?

It's important for us that our anonymity promise is respected. We believe true anonymity is a core component to receive great and honest feedback.

To preserve anonymity of the respondents, a minimum quantity of answers must be submitted prior to consultation of the data.

  • Results become available once at least 3 members responded

  • Precisions become available once at least 5 members responded

  • Non-anonymous surveys are immediately accessible

Data treatment

For any question regarding the protection of your identity or regarding the way your data is managed, please refer to our terms of service.

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