Your manager may allow you to manually fill your timesheet. You will be able to to so in the "Time and Attendance" menu (Timesheet in the mobile app)

A) What you Need

  • Internet connection
  • Sign-in to your account

B) Creating Time Entries on the Web Site

See C) for the mobile app procedure

Step 1

  • Go in the "Time and attendance" menu
  • Click in the In/Out column to create an entry

Step 2

In this window you will be able to write down several informations

  1. Start and End time
  2. Break time
  3. Position
  4. Note for your manager
  5. Save

Step 3

You can validate that it worked below in the timesheet

C) Creating Time Entries on the Mobile App

Step 1

  • Go in the "Timesheet" menu
  • Choose the day of your choice

This is where you can validate that your time entry was saved

Step 2

Once in the right day, click on the "+" sign to add an entry

Step 3

Fill in the information:

  • Position
  • Start and End time
  • Note for your manager
  • Break time
  • Save
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