You can copy the schedule you created onto another day, week or month depending on which view you are using in the scheduler (orange square). All you have to do is to click on "Copy" to start the process.

Note that when you copy the new schedule will be in draft and won't be automatically published.

A) Copy options

When you hit "Copy" a destination calendar will show up with different options. 

  • Select the options desired
  • Click on the weeks onto which you wish to duplicate the schedule (max 10)
  • Click on Copy (top right)

On top you will see the location and positions for which you are about to Copy the schedule. You can change these directly in the scheduler by activating filters before copying.

B) Managing Upcoming Conflicts When Copying

When you copy the schedule onto a future date, you may create conflits (i.e. an employee usually working on Fridays has been granted a time-off next Friday). In these cases, Agendrix will warn you of the upcoming conflict and allow you to handle it later.

C) Result of the Copy

Once the copy is finished you will be brought into the destination day/week/month. From there you will see that all copied shifts are surrounded by dotted lines indicating they are in draft (Orange arrow) and that any conflicts you may have created can be managed from the alert center (Blue arrow)

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