Here are few suggestions regarding the clocking "Kiosk" app.

 You must have an admin or manager role to activate the kiosk.

A - How to activate the Kiosk

  1. Download the free app
  2. Sign-in with your admin or manager profile
  3. Click on the "+" on the top right
  4. Type a name
  5. Select the sites
  6. Save
  7. Click on "Activate" next to the name of the Kiosk.


B - Kiosk Mode (exclusive)

We strongly recommend that you use the Kiosk mode of your tablet to reduce the risk of losing the kiosk.

  • How to activate the exclusive mode on iPad
  • How to activate the exclusive mode on an Android Tablet

C - Recommended material

We cannot recommend an optimal experience on all devices. Here are the recommended devices:



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