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How to clock in with my computer. Where do I clock in

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WARNING: Clocking in by computer is different from clocking in with a fixed terminal, make sure to validate what option your manager activated.

How to clock

You can use your account to clock in if your manager allowed it in the settings. Note that your manager may have activated IP Restrictions forcing you to be on your employer's network.

A) What you Need to Clock In

1 - Clock in

  • Go to " Attendance " menu

  • Click on the " Clock " button (top right)

Step 1

You can also press the " Clock " button on your dashboard:

Step 2

You can leave a note to your manager if you are late!

2 - Clock Out and Take a Break

You can clock out or clock a break by repeating the same steps. If you take a break, make sure to resume the shift before leaving it.

3 - Making Sure it Worked

You can validate your hours in the same menu.

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