A fixed terminal is a web page created by a manager on a tablet or computer with internet access. Do not sign-in to your account on the same computer, it will disconnect the terminal. Usually, there should be a desktop shortcut or bookmark to get to the terminal.

1) What you need to clock

  • You need your PIN code
  • The terminal page

PIN Code

Your PIN should be provided by your manager. 


However you can find it in your account under "My profile".


In the mobile app, go to:

  1. "More" menu
  2. Click on your picture or initials
  3. Below your email

A) Fixed Terminal

A terminal will look like a numerical pad with the Agendrix logo on it. Simply enter your PIN to clock in.

1) Clock in

  • Agendrix recognizes you with your PIN
  • You can also leave a note to you manager (useful if you are late!)

2) Clock a break

  • Be careful not to clock out here. You have an option to take a break.
  • At the end of your break you can come back and resume the shift

3) Clock out

  • Same process as before but choose "Leaving work"

B) Making sure it worked

  • You can go in your timesheet (Time and attendance) to validate your time entry
  • Each time you clock, there is a success message showing up at the bottom right corner
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