Before you can setup your exportation with Employer D, contact us via the chat so we can activate the feature in your organization. The feature is included in the Pro Plan

A) Where to set up my exportation?

  1. Go to « Settings »

  2. Proceed to the "Payroll Integrations" tab

  3. Manage "Desjardins"

B) Company number(s)

  • First, log in to Employer D.

  • Company number will appear in the middle of the home page.

  • If you only have one location, select « One number for the entire organization » 

  • If you have more than one location, you might have more than one company number. If so, select « One number for each location »  then enter the numbers.

Do NOT include letters in the company numbers. For example, PM123456 must be written 123456.

 C) How to get the complete list of earning codes in Employer D?

From Employer D :

  • Click on the « Payroll » tab.

  • Click on « Company Settings ».

  • Click on « Earnings and Deductions ».

D) Data Matching

You can associate positions, locations and resources to:

  • Divisions

  • Services

  • Departments

  • Sub-departments

E) Earning codes (regular and overtime hours)

  • Regular: Enter the earning code used for regular hours in your payroll system. Most of the time, this is earning code « 1 ».

  • Overtime: Enter the earning code used for overtime hours in your payroll system. Most of the time, this is earning code « 43 ».

F) Mapping

Under the « Mappings » tab, you’ll be able to match:

  • Time offs (earning code)

  • Services

  • Division

  • Department

  • Sub-department

You can create new Time Off types in "Settings" menu ️ "Employee scheduling" tab


Earning codes for payroll systems vary significantly from one company to the other. It is possible that Agendrix does not support certain earning codes.

G) Where to find the registration numbers of your employees

  • Click on the « HR » tab.

  • Click on « Selection of employees (HR) ».

  • The « Employee no. » column shows what is called « Identification Numbers » in Agendrix.


Make sure that no two Identifications Numbers are identical for two different employees, and that no employee has two different ID numbers.

H) Mapping employee numbers to your employees

  • For each employee, enter the Employee no. used by your payroll system (see pink box).

  • If an employee ID Number is left empty, no information will be exported.

After setting your export

Once completed, you will be able to export your timesheet in Employer D format. Here is an article that explains How to Export My Pay Into Employer D?

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