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Labor cost, hours budget, and Productivity Ratio

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The Scheduler comes with a Budget Tool available to managers and administrators. It has three distinct modes:

  1. Labor cost (Wages/Revenues)

  2. Hours Budget (budgeted hours to respect)

  3. Productivity Ratio

The last ratio must be activated by the administrator in "Settings" ➡️ "Employee Scheduling"

1) Show the Budget Tool

  • Go to the Other options section under the filters

  • Click "Show budget"

  • A new calculator will show at the bottom of the screen

2) Labor Cost 💵

  1. Determine a % objective for your site (% of wages / revenues)

  2. Enter the projected revenues for each day (Orange rectangle)

  3. The % and a green/red color code will show at the bottom of each day to show when you are below or above the target

3) Budgeted Hours ⏱

  1. Enter the hours budgeted for each day (a total for the week is at the right)

  2. The total planned hours per day will show below with a green/red color code to indicate when you are above or below the target

4) Productivity Ratio 📊

How it works

  1. Indicate a projected unit output in the top line (for example, 100 customers served on Monday)

  2. Agendrix will divide this quantity by the number of planned work hours

  3. The result will be a ratio (for example, 10 customers served per worked hour)

  4. You can set a ratio objective on the bottom left against which you will be evaluated

To activate the feature, an administrator must go in the "Settings" menu ️ "Employee scheduling" tab and then in the section "Budget".

5) Budget per Position

It is also possible to bring up projections per positions. To do so you have to click on Manage budget under the "More" button.

You simply have to activate the ''show positions'' option and enter the desired information.

Then, simply add the filter ''Group by position'' to your schedule and you will be able to see the details by position like this :

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