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Sync My Schedule with My Desktop Calendar App
Sync My Schedule with My Desktop Calendar App

How to sync my calendar with the web version of Agendrix

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You can sync your schedule with a number of desktop calendar apps:

A) Google Agenda
B) Outlook
C) iCal on Mac

If you're using an iPhone (iOS), refer to this article.
If you're using an Android phone, refer to this article.

Syncing with your desktop app

1 - Click the “Share and sync” button.

2 - Copy your calendar link

A) Syncing with Google Agenda

  • On the left side, click on the “+” button, inside a circle (see orange arrow).

  • Select “From URL”

  • Paste the URL copied in the previous step into the “URL of calendar” box (see orange box).

  • Click the “ADD CALENDAR” button 

B) Syncing with Outlook Calendar

  • Open Outlook Calendar, and then click “Add calendar”.

  • Select “From internet”.

  • Copy the address located under “Sync to your calendar application” in Agendrix,  and then paste it into the “Link to the calendar” box.

  • Add a title to your calendar under “Calendar name“, at your leisure.

  • Click “Save” to sync Agendrix to your calendar.

C) Sync with your Macbook calendar app

  1. Open the calendar app

  2. Go to "File"

  3. New Calendar Subscription

  4. Copy the URL

  5. Save

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