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Send my availabilities on the Website
Send my availabilities on the Website

How can I send my preferences and unavailabilities from the Agendrix website?

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Before proceeding, here are 3 important details you must know:

  • By default, Agendrix assumes that you're always available to work. The availability feature allows you to indicate only your preferences (green) and unavailabilities (red).

  • Your availabilities can either be recurring or punctual. You just have to make sure to select the right frequency.

  • If you aren't available on a specific date, submitting a punctual time off request is much easier than changing your availability. To learn how to submit a time off request, refer to this article.

If you're using the mobile app as opposed to the Website, click here.

1) Where to access « My availability »

  1. Click on “Availability”, or on “Me” then on “My availability” if you are an administrator, manager or supervisor.

  2. Click on "Add availabilities" or simply on the week you wish to modify in the calendar.

2) Entering your availability


Creating a new recurring availability without an end date will overwrite any existing availabilities for the subsequent dates. If you want to create several availabilities, it is important to proceed chronologically by creating the closest one first.

  1. Select the start week in the calendar if it's a recurring availability

  2. Click on the "+" under a day that interests you, knowing that the possibility of including several days simultaneously will be offered.

  3. Click on “Close” to save.

3) Setting a frequency and your time limits

  1. Under availability, the "Recurrence" section allows you to select how often you want the availability to appear.

  2. Check "Ends on the specified date" if you want to add an end to the availability.

  3. Under the recurrence, you can also indicate how many hours you want to work in a week. Useful especially if you're part time!

4) Getting your availability approved

Once the information has been entered, the request will be sent only when you click on "Submit for approval". You will receive a notification as soon as your manager approves it, but you will also be able to consult the status in the "My requests" menu.

N.B.: It's possible modify your availability afterwhile, from the calendar in the “Availability” menu.

5) Erasing your availability

Refer to this article!

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