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Send My Availability to My Manager

How to create my availability and send them to my manager

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You can send send your availability to your manager using both the Agendrix mobile app and the website.

3 Things to know before sending your availability

1. By default, Agendrix assumes that you are always available to work

The availability feature allows you to indicate your preferences and unavailabilities.

2. Your availabilities can either be recurring or not!

You can select a frequency (every week, evert other week, never, etc.).

3. If you are not available on a specific date

Submitting a punctual time off request is much easier than changing your availability. To learn how to submit a time off request, refer to this article.

Sending your availability request

Here are two articles on submitting availability requests:

a) For the mobile app, refer to this article.
b) For the website, refer to this article.

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