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Send a Message to a Coworker
Send a Message to a Coworker

How do I send a message to a colleague or my manager

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A) What is Agendrix Messenger?

Agendrix Messenger is a chat module allows you to automatically connect the members of your organization without having to rely on your personal networks. This ensures more effective and professional communications on a daily basis.

The Messenger Function must be enabled by your employer before you can use it.

You can now send voice messages via Agendrix's Messenger! Click here to find out how

B) How does Agendrix Messenger work?

  • To start a new conversation, simply click the purple "+" button (see blue arrow).

  • Click on the "..." in the upper right corner to disable notifications, leave a conversation, add colleagues or rename a group conversation.

Pro tip: You can react to a comment by clicking on the emoji on the left of the message

You can reply directly to a message by dragging your cursor over it and clicking ''reply''.

You can also access files shared in the conversation by clicking on the 3 small vertical dots and on "View shared files".

C) Agendrix Messenger on mobile

Agendrix Messenger is also available from the Agendrix mobile apps for employees section on iOS and Android.

Pro tip: You can react to a comment by pressing and holding the text.

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