Before sending an availability request, we strongly recommend that you read 3 Things to Know before Sending your Availability.

If you're using the website as opposed to the mobile app, click here.

1) Creating a new availability request

  1. Access the "Overview" menu.

  2. Scroll down.

  3. Press "Change my availability" (see orange box).

2) Indicating your availability

Note: Creating new availabilities without an end date will overwrite the existing availabilities for the following dates. If you're looking to create several availabilities, do so chronologically by creating the closest one first, followed by the next, and so on until the last.

  1. Select the starting week in the calendar.

  2. Add your preferences and unavailabilities to the desired days.

Note: You can also do this for several days at once.

3) Enter additional info


  1. The min/max number of hours you'd like to work per week.

  2. The frequency of your availability (every week, every other week, never etc.).

4) Get it approved

Upon saving, your availability request is automatically sent to your manager for approval. Upon approval, you will be notified.

Note: You can view the status of your request in the top left menu in My Availability

5) Modifying your current availability

Instead of starting all over, you can correct or edit your current availability list. 

  1. Access the top left Menu

  2. Press " My Availability".

  3. Select the week to modify.

  4. Modify it.

  5. Save.

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