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Modify my Availability on the Mobile App
Modify my Availability on the Mobile App

How to change my current availability on the mobile app for iPhone or Android

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Procedure to modify your availability

Note: Creating new availabilities without an end date will overwrite the existing availabilities for the following dates. If you're looking to create several availabilities, do so chronologically by creating the closest one first, followed by the next, and so on until the last.

  1. Press "Home" in the bottom menu.

  2. In the "Home" screen, press "Change my availability".

  3. Go to the week you wish to change.

  4. Change your availability.

  5. Save to submit for approval.

Your changes are then submitted for approval to your manager. A notification will be sent to you after your modifications have been reviewed.

If you wish to delete the availability submitted, see this article

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