The usual overtime calculation is done on a weekly basis (i.e. 40h/week).  Under certain circumstances an Employer and Employee can have an agreement to use a bi-weekly basis to stagger working hours (i.e. 80h/2weeks). 

With the Pro Plan, it is possible to activate the Stagger Working Hours setting for a specific employee or for the whole organization.

Advantages and how it works

The main advantages is the added flexibility in managing the schedules and the avoidance of overtime pay.


Let's say we have an employee with a 40h/week threshold before overtime pay is triggered who works 36h in the first week and 44 hours in the second week of the same pay period.

  • Without Staggering Hours: The employee will be paid 76 regular hours (36 + 40) and 4 overtime hours.
  • With Staggering Hours: The employee will be paid 80 regular hours (36 + 44)

How to activate the Staggering Hours setting

Activate the setting for a specific employee

  1. Go to the profile of the employee
  2. "Time and Attendance" tab
  3. Check the "Override the organization's working hours staggering settings"
  4. Enable the setting
  5. Save

Activate the setting for the whole organization

  1. Go to the "Settings" menu
  2. "General" tab
  3. Enable the "Stagger working hours" option
  4. Save

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