Spontaneous premiums are best used for shift premiums given out in particular circumstances such as when an employee obtains a fixed lunch allowance, a fixed traveling premium or even a fixed training bonus. You can add them manually, once created.

For premiums that should be added automatically based on time/position/location/individual triggers, follow this procedure instead.

Creating a Spontaneous Premium

To create one, you must be an Administrator and go to the "Settings" menu ➡️ "Premiums" and choose the "Spontaneous" type.

You will need to have the Premiums module activated in your Plan.

Once created, spontaneous premiums can be added/deleted from shift and time entries by any manager in your organization.

Here is how to assign spontaneous premiums.

Computing of a Spontaneous Premium

In most cases, Spontaneous Premiums should be given a specific value of "1" (as below). That way,  you can know how many times an employee was entitled to this specific premium in a given range when exporting the Time Entries report.

A Spontaneous Premium can also be given an automatic value based on the duration of the shift (i.e. an 8 hour shift will produce a quantity of 8 units of this premium).

Exporting Spontaneous Premiums

Spontaneous Premiums are best exported using the Time Entries report, a column for each of them will appear for each time entry, allowing quick calculation of the amount owed to each employee for each occurence.

Here is the detailed procedure.

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