A) Explanations

Agendrix provides managers with several tools to check and record when their employees clock in and out at work.

One such tool, known as geolocation, lets a manager draw a digital area around a given workplace or job site. Employees who wish to clock in or out using Agendrix are then required to do so while within this area. Geolocation is a convenient way for managers to check whether their employees actually clock in/out from the right place.

B) Okay, But does Agendrix Really Need to Know my Precise Location?

The answer is yes! iPhone devices have a setting that lets users provide their approximate location to apps such as Agendrix. The expression "approximate" means a random point within an area of several kilometers. Such an approximation makes it impossible for Agendrix to check whether an employee is actually clocking from the area set by their manager.

Needless to say, this defeats the point of using geolocation. Which is exactly why we ask that you provide your exact position to clock in/out.

C) How to Share my Precise Location

On your iPhone mobile device:

  1. Hit the "Settings" icon

  2. Go under the “Privacy” menu, and then under “Location Services”

  3. Hit the Agendrix icon

  4. Make sure the app is allowed to access your location and that the "Precise Location" tab is enabled

D) Does Agendrix Track Me?

Not at all! Agendrix only checks your position for a very short instant, when you actively decide to clock in/out. Our Privacy policy is very clear on this matter.

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