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Annual Billing

How does yearly billing work ?

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1 - How Does Annual Billing Work ?

  1. You are billed at the beginning of the period based on your current number of users

  2. The invoice is non-refundable

  3. But you benefit from a 10% rebate on the regular price

  4. If your usage varies during the period, prorated credits or debits will be computed on your account

  5. If your credits are depleted, monthly prorated adjustments will be debited on your payment method.

Your credits can be depleted depending on changes in the modules you use and the number of users you have during during the period.

2 - How does proration works if my usage changes during the year?

The prorated price is based on the days remaining in your plan.

(Usage change x Price $ x Nb of days remaining / Total days of the subscription)

For example, if the Ressources Module is added to your organization with 215 days remaining to your Annual Plan, we multiply $518.40 (or $576 - 10% , the yearly pricing minus the annual discount) by 215/365 (the days remaining divided by the total number of days in your plan) to calculate the prorated price.

If the Module is deactivated with 215 days remaining, we will perform the same calculation and credit that back to your account.

This formula also applies to the variation in the number of users.




Current Price




+2 user


215/365 days


3 - When are the prorated adjustment invoiced?

The 1st of each month, an account balance will be run by our system. If the balance is negative, an invoice will be issued and debited on the payment method of your account.

A paid invoice PDF accompanied by a detailed summary of the activity in your organization since the last invoice will then be sent by email to the administrators of your organization.

4- What happens if I unsubscribe ?

Credits are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, your balance is preserved up to 12 months following the unsubscription. It is then possible for you to use them if you decide to resubscribe to the platform in the following 12 months after unsubscribing.

5 - How to Activate the Yearly Subscription?

See this article on how to do so!

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