How Does Annual Billing Work ?

  1. You are billed at the beginning of the period based on your current number of users;

  2. You benefit from a 10% rebate on the regular price;

  3. The invoice is non-refundable (but you benefit from the prorated credit system);

  4. If your credits are depleted, monthly prorated adjustments will be debited on your payment card.

Your credits can be depleted depending on changes in the modules you use and the number of users you have during during the period.

What happens if my number of users varies during the period ?*

A) Increase in number of users

Prorated debits based on the remaining time before your renewal date will be added to your account balance.

B) Decrease in number of users

Similarly, prorated credits will be deducted from your account balance.

C) Monthly adjustments

Each month, we will calculate the net balance of your account. Your credits will first by used and then, if necessary we will issue a prorated invoice automatically to your payment method.

*The same principle applies if you activate/deactivate a module to your plan during the period.

How to Activate the Yearly Subscription?

See this article on how to do so!

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