Agendrix allows you to activate additional fields that will be added to every employee profiles so that they will be able to provide relevant data for their HR files. You can also specify whether a field is mandatory or not.

1) Where to find the people data module and what does it contain?

Additional people data fields can be found in the “Employees” section of the “Settings” menu, just make sure to click on “people Data”.

2) How to operate "People data"?

Default fields are the employee's personal information, health and safety at work, and some employment-related information.

  • Checking "To be filled by employee" will ensure that the information will be requested during the onboarding process

  • Checking "Required" will ensure that the employee cannot skip this step before accessing their account

3) HR+

If you use HR+, vous will have access to many more fields on top of being able to create your own custom ones!

If that interests you, here's how to do so!

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