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Sign a document via Agendrix
Sign a document via Agendrix

How to sign electronically sign a document

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When your manager (or colleagues if you're a supervisor or manager) requests that you sign a document, you'll be notified according to your notification settings.

If you receive a mobile notification, simply go to your e-mail inbox to access the document to be signed, or log on to Agendrix web ( and follow these steps:

1-Go to the ''My documents'' section

2-Click on "Signatures".

3-Click on the signature icon to the right of the document name

5- Read the document you wish to sign, then check the box confirming that you have read the document.

6-Click on "Sign".

A code will then be sent to you by e-mail.

Enter this code in the designated space and wait for confirmation.

That's it! Your document is now signed.

You can also return to the same menu at any time to view documents that have already been signed.

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