How to Apply on Open Shift

How to volunteer for an open shift. How to cancel a open shift request

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You can view and apply on open shifts through the web and mobile app.

A) 4 Things to Know Before Applying On an Open Shift

1 - You will be notified when open shifts are available

All employees not working during the open shifts times will be notified, so your colleagues can apply too! Be quick to answer 🏎

You will also receive a notification if you are assigned to the shift. If you end up not being selected, the "Request status"  bar will be updated.

2 - Open shifts are position and location specific

You will only see open shifts in the positions and locations that are assigned to you.

 3 - You can cancel an open shift request

As long as it has not been assigned to you, you can cancel your request to open an open shift by clicking on it.

4 - Once you have been assigned to the open shift, you can't cancel it

If you have been assigned following a request but have changed your mind, you must write to your manager (use the Messenger).

B) Apply on Open Shift

Here are two articles highlighting how to:

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