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Apply on Open Shifts on the Website
Apply on Open Shifts on the Website

How do I see open shifts on the website

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Before applying on an open shift, we strongly recommend you to read the 4 things to know before applying on an open shift

If you are on the mobile app, click here.

A) Where to check for open shifts?

Each time new open shifts are published you will be notified.

  1. Go to “My schedule” tab

  2. Look at your dashboard on top

  3. There is an "Open shift available" box

B) How to apply on an open shift?

  1. Click on "Open shifts available"

  2. Click on the empty circle left of the offered open shift; a white check mark within a purple circle will appear (see orange arrow).

  3. Click the green “Apply” button

C) How to verify the status of my open shift requests?

If the manager assigns the open shift to you, you will receive an instant notification and the field "Request updated" will show a new activity.  Until then, you will be able to consult the status of your request under the "My requests" menu.

D) How to cancel my open shift request

If you changed your mind or if something came up and you must cancel your open shift request. Simply click on the open shift request and click on the "trash can" on the bottom right.

PS: If the open shift has already been assigned to you, you won't be able to cancel it. You should write to your manager.

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