Your employees can send you their time off requests (or vacation requests) directly through the application. You will receive a notification once you receive a new request. You can manage all time off requests in the "Request" menu.

If you are in the Manager Mobile App, follow this procedure instead

A) Type of time off in Agendrix?

In Agendrix, there are 2 different types of time offs:

  • Unpaid time off: Absence, punctually unavailable etc.

  • Paid time off: Public Holidays, Vacation, Floating, Sick, etc.

B) Time off request menu

  • Click on the pending requests to check its details and make a decision

  • Click on the green “Create a time off request” button if you need to log a Time Off for a given employee

C) Creating a time off request

See this article on how to create the request for an employee!

The request won't automatically be approved. It will be send in the "pending" section.

D) Details of a time off request

  • WHEN and JUSTIFICATION are fields that are filled in by the employee; as such, they cannot be changed

  • GENERAL SETTINGS: You must identify the time off request more accurately (see pink box).


It is important to read the employee’s justification and categorize it accordingly (vacation vs absence, paid or unpaid) to help the accountant, who needs this information in order to manage the payroll.

  • Approve the request”  or “Decline the request” when you are ready to make your decision

  • Use the “Comment” button (at the bottom of the page) to communicate with the employee about the time off request

E) Past requests

You can visualise past requests made by that employee on the right side of the screen that indicates the dates, the status and the duration of the last requests. If can help with your decision!

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