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Send a Time Off Request With My Phone
Send a Time Off Request With My Phone

Request a time off on the mobile application

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Before requesting a time off, we strongly recommend you to read the 5 things to know before requesting a time off

If you are on the web app and not the mobile app, click here.

A) Creating a Time Off Request

  1. Go to the menu on you top left

  2. Press on “My Requests

  3. Press the "+

  4. Select "Time Off "

B) Filling the Request

1 - Time-off for one or multiple days

  1. Choose a start and en date

  2. Add a justification (mandatory)

  3. Save

If you are requesting a time off for one single day, the start and end time will be the same.

2- Time-off for few hours of a day

  1. Uncheck the box "All day"

  2. Choose a start and end times

  3. Add a justification (mandatory)

  4. Save

B) Status of a Time Off Request

  • Go under the menu on your top left

  • Press on "My Requests"

  • From this menu press any request to modify or cancel it

C) Editing or Cancelling a time off request

  1. Follow the steps of point B)

  2. Click on the request

  3. Once in the request, hit the "Trash can" (delete) or "Pen" (edit)

PS: You can't edit a time off request that already has been approved. You need to cancel it and create a new one.

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