A) Create a time off in the scheduler

You can create a time off the he same way you would create a shift but by selecting Time off in the popup.

Important message

  • For our Pro plan users, time offs will be directly transferred to the time sheets. It is important to chose the type as the time off will be paid or not.

  • For our Resources users it is possible to associate a ressource to a time off created in the schedule


If you create a paid time off over multiple days, it is possible to choose the paid days (ex: 2 week time off with only the weekdays paid).

Note 2

For our pro-plan users, you can create the length of the time off automatically (for a stat holiday for example).

B) Manually creating the time off request of an employee

If you already have a list of all the time off requests of your employees, you can enter them manually in Agendrix as draft to observe their impact in the scheduler

  1. Go to the "Request" menu

  2. Click on "Create a time off request" (top right corner)

  3. Click on “Select employee” (see blue arrow) 

  4. Enter all necessary details (see blue box)

  5. Click on the green “Save” button (see pink arrow)

The request won't automatically be approved. It will be send in the "pending" section.

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