Why does this happen?

The rule in Agendrix is that shifts always appear in the day with the most hours.

By default, you most likely put your organisation opening hours from midnight to midnight and that's very logic.

The issue here though is that we are used to creating shifts in the day that they start and not the day with the most hours. Agendrix works in the 2nd way.

Long story short, if your opening hours are from midnight to midnight and you have a shift from 10pm to 6am, the majority of hours are in day #2.


Let's keep using our previous 10pm to 6am shift.

Since we need to create the shift in the day with the most hours, we need to create this shift in day #2 for it to be displayed as wished on the employee side.

That being said, there is a possible hack to make the process more intuitive. 

If we change our opening hours from 4am to 4am, you can than create the shift in day #1 since in "Agendrix day hours" there will be more hours in Day #1 (6hours in Day #1 and 2hours in Day #2).

How to change this setting

You must go under Settings -> Scheduling and change the opening hours.

See this article for more details!

If you are using our pro plan, your pay period cut off time MUST be the same as your opening hours (4am in the current example)

Note : On the employee's timesheet, it is possible to view/edit the start date of the night shift

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