Clock in with the phone clock

How do I punch with the fixed phone?

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When the functionality of using the phone clock is activated, you will be able to use the phones directly on site to clock in and out your time entries.

We recommend staying in contact with your manager to get to know what phones are authorized.

What do you need to clock in?

  1. Your Time and Attendance PIN

  2. The number to call to clock in (ask your manager for this information)

  3. The authorized phone you will use to clock in

Time and Attendance PIN

Your PIN should be provided by your manager. 


However you can find it in your account under "My profile".


In the mobile app, go to:

  1. "More" menu

  2. Click on your picture or initials

  3. Below your email

How to clock in?

  1. Find the authorized phone on spot

  2. Dial the phone number used to clock in/out (usually a free toll 1-800 number)

  3. Type in your PIN

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