A) Activate the Hopem export

To activate the Hopem integration, you must contact the Agendrix support team. This integration is part of the Pro plan (the integration itself does not add any costs).

B) Access to the configuration menu

  1. Go to the "Settings" menu

  2. "Payroll Integrations" tab

  3. Manage button

C) Configure the Hopem export

1 - Company number

Your company # is found in your Hopem account. Let this box checked if you only have 1 company.

2 - Export overtime as...

By default, overtime hours are sent at 150% value of regular hours

3 - GL departments matching

This will automatically create journal entries by importing time entries

4 - Default salary code

The salary code is the code used for the employee's regular hours. Write here the code generally used to input regular hours to employees.

D) Mappings

You can change default salary codes in this tab.

  1. Go under the Mappings tab

  2. Choose the time offs or Agendrix positions to associate

  3. Enter the appropriate salary code

E) Employee numbers

For the integration to work, you must input the employee numbers in their profile to make sure that the data is well redirected,

  1. Go under the Employees tab

  2. Write down the numbers

  3. Save

F) Export payroll into Hopem

Use ths article as a reference for the exportation process.

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