Businesses With Mobile Employees

Business activities implying employees travelling to multiple job sites in the same week can complicate the manager's job to schedule employees and track their timesheets.

The Resources module is for you if you are looking to accomplish one or multiple of these objectives:

  1. Plan mobile employees' shifts with an overview of all employees

  2. Track the time of your mobile employees easily

  3. Obtain precise reports for hours worked at each job site and per employee

Instead of creating several locations or a different organization, the Resources module will allow you to have an overview of all your employees and to assign them swiftly to multiple job sites in any given week.

Lastly, you will be able to pull reports from the system per employee and per job site to better report on hours worked for each employee and job site.

Examples of businesses using the Resources module

  1. Security

  2. Homecare

  3. Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services

  4. On-premises Professional Services

  5. Construction

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