What is in the integration

1 - Employee profiles

The integration allows you to transfer existing employee profiles* from Lightspeed to ➡️ Agendrix. The sync is not "two-way" in the sense that employees in Agendrix will not be created in Lightspeed.

2 - Revenue per company location (shops)

The previous day's revenues will be transferred into Agendrix's budget tool overnight automatically.

*Before activating the integration it is strongly recommended to validate each employee's email. This will prevent the risk of creating duplicata profiles.

How to Activate the Integration

  1. Go to "Integrations" menu

  2. Choose your Lightspeed product (Retail or Restaurant)

  3. Log-in to Lightspeed

  4. Authorize Agendrix to have access

  5. Assign the different companies to your locations

You'll be able to activate/deactivate your integration from this menu.

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