There are two ways to remove an Agendrix fixed terminal may that be on the terminal itself or directly in your administrator account.

Remove the Terminal from the Terminal itself

  1. Enter the PIN of a manager (or admin) on the terminal

  2. Click on the cog found on the top right of the clocking in page

  3. Quit the terminal

Removing a Terminal Remotely

This method is useful to remove multiple terminals in one go or if you need to deactivate one while you are not on site.

The following page will show you all active terminals, gives you the possibility to edit and or delete as well as see on what platform the terminals are used on.

  1. Go under Attendance in an admin or manager account

  2. Choose the Fixed Terminals tab

  3. Click on the 3 small dots on the right of the terminal you want to delete

  4. Delete (you can also Edit to change the terminal settings)

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